About Me

My name is Yuan Liang. I am a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I am doing research in Design Automation Laboratory, advised by Dr. Lei He. I also work closely with Dr. Anthony Chen from UCLA Human Computer Interaction Research (HCI Research), Dr. Kun Wang, and Dr. JP Dym from Nines Radiology. My research is focused on computer vision algorithms for medical data, and their applications with the consideration of human-AI interaction.

Contact Information

E-mail: liangyuandg[AT]ucla[DOT]edu
Address: Room 66-142G, Engineering Building IV, UCLA, CA 90095, US

What’s New

[2021.07] One paper is accepted by Scientific Reports.

[2021.06] One paper is accepted by MICCAI 2021.

[2021.05] Start working as Peronalized Healthcare Data Science Imaging Intern in the PHC Labs, Genetech.

[2021.05] Our paper “SocAoG: Incremental Graph Parsing for Social Relation Inference in Dialogues” is accepted by ACL 2021.

[2021.03] Serve as reviewer for CogSci 2021, MobileHCI 2021, and INTERACT 2021.

[2021.02] Serve as PC member for MICAD 2021, reviewer for MICCAI 2021, CSCW 2021, and IDC 2021.

[2021.01] Two papers are accepted by ISBI 2021.

[2021.01] Our paper “OralViewer: 3D Demonstration of Dental Surgeries for Patient Education with Oral Cavity Reconstruction from a 2D Panoramic X-ray” is accepted by IUI 2021.

[2021.01] Finished drafting a book chapter on “Human-Centered AI for Medical Imaging”.